Ocean Drive Management Group Inc. Barbados, unlocks the world of luxury for you, access to private events and dream vacations. Our team of lifestyle specialists will take care of the time-consuming details because we know how precious your time is and the importance of meaningful experiences to you and your loved ones.

Our goal is to elevate the day-to-day lives of our valued clients to fulfill their wishes that go beyond champagne and caviar to much more encounters that make lasting memories. We know how hard our clients work, and deserve bespoke services that money can’t buy. Our team of lifestyle specialists are creative, insightful and two steps ahead to ensure that every facet of our clients’ daily routines is enhanced to give them the opulence of having time to enjoy and experience life to the fullest.

Time, Fundamental Measure of Luxury:

At the core of Ocean Drive Management Group Inc. Barbados’ objective is to give our clients the most opulent possession known to man, time. Therefore, we’ve created our subsidiary Ocean Pearl Vacations to specifically handle the needs of our clients’ vacations. We know that by giving to our clients the time they want to do the things they wish or dream of, they will feel invigorated and recharged.

Our lifestyle specialists are talented individuals who are equipped with the skills to secure our clients’ villa and restaurant reservations, plan leisure and business trips, handle all the bookings on out of town trips including transportation, private cooks or chefs for special diets as well as sourcing for caretakers, nannies or tutors. Taking care of these details can be tedious and time-consuming, a precious commodity for our clients. By taking these responsibilities from them, we are giving them the time to pamper themselves, create great memories with loved ones, and experience their best life.

Living Life To The Fullest:

Our concierge services are aimed to make every client’s wishes come true. We are the modern-day genies giving you the keys to luxuries from chartering flights and yachts, reservations at 5 star restaurants for sumptuous meals, personal shopping, art exhibitions, wedding planning, passes to the best events of the seasons or hottest places as well as getting the best rates in private villas and other world-class accommodations.

Blissful Existence:

Bliss is a balance. We are here to balance the lives of our clients. Living busy lives create an imbalance. We tip the scale to balance hard work with lavish experiences. Our lifestyle specialists plan bespoke packages whether it a day trip to a resort town, private meet and greet with A-listers, or planning a private party.

Let us help you create the dream life you’ve always wanted. We’ll take care of the details for you. Living life to the fullest means fulfilling your dreams and creating meaningful experiences and unforgettable memories.

And we got you covered with our concierge services.

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