Duty-Free Shopping

Duty Free shopping in Barbados is shopping without the importation tax. All luxury items brought into Barbados are subject to the importation tax; however, if these items are being bought by non-Barbadians, who are leaving the country with the goods, the importation tax does not apply. Hence “duty-free” shopping.

All of the shopping districts in Barbados have duty free stores, duty free areas or duty free prices listed on the specific items.

— Jewellery
— Clothing
— Cosmetics
— Appliances

These items are usually tagged with 3 different prices on them. The prices are listed as:

— LP BDS$ which means local price in Barbados dollars,
— DF BDS$ meaning duty free price in Barbados dollars, and the third is
— DF US$ which means duty free price in US dollars.

All you need to be able to purchase merchandise at the duty free price is your passport and plane ticket showing when you are leaving the island. A receipt form is printed up in triplicate so that the merchant has a copy, and you get two; one of which is to be deposited into a box at the airport when you are leaving. This copy then goes to the government agencies responsible for refunding the merchant with the tax he or she has already paid for the item you have bought.

There are certain things that cannot be purchased duty-free, such as video sets, home computers and food. While you can buy certain alcohols and cigarettes duty free, these can only be collected from the airport as you leave, to ensure that you do not consume your duty free good while in Barbados.

All in all, it works out very well for everyone. For duty free shopping in Barbados you can check out our capital city of Bridgetown as well as Holetown and Speightstown, not to mention other stores scattered island wide.

So whenever you are going out to shop in Barbados, it’s a good idea to carry your passport and ticket with you since you never know when the opportunity for duty free shopping may pop up – and nobody likes to miss a discount.


You will find many, many duty free jewellery shops in Barbados. There are a number of shops such as Diamonds International and Colombian Emeralds on Broad Street giving you the convenience of exploring what’s on offer all on one street. With some of their duty free discounts, you could save up to 60% on diamond jewellery. You will also find duty free jewellery at the new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre on the island’s prestigious west coast.

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