My European travels 2017 – 2018


I left Canada on July 22nd, where I lived for the past 40 years. I arrived in Porto, Portugal where my family lives and various other areas throughout Portugal including the Azores. My sister and niece joined me on a bus ride to Lisbon the next day after my arrival from Canada on an adventure to Ibiza, lol. It’s a very beautiful island with 50 marvelous beaches, crystal aqua blue warm waters and white sandy beaches with coves and topless women everywhere which is a norm in the Spanish islands of Europe etc. I rented a car which is a must if you want to discover the rest of the island as some parts are very remote and unless one is planning on just staying put, it’s a great idea to rent a car. The dancing clubs are wild everywhere and very expensive too! And I must say everyone pays including women but very worth it because it is after all for the rich and famous lol.


After 1 week in Ibiza it was time to return to Portugal and visit my family. I then enjoy some relaxing time in my house in the mountains where it’s all fresh air and in the middle of nowhere, perfect for me. I walked everyday to some remote fresh water rivers and just listen to the water flowing down the mountain and enjoy the hot sun on my skin. It is now September and my friend joins me on a plane to Iceland where I was invited to my cousin’s wedding. He lives in Canada but decided to do a destination wedding. It’s called the country of fire and ice because it has glaziers and hot springs. We were hoping to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and we hit the lottery that night sitting on a hot tub in our hotel at around 11:30 pm, where we saw the sky lit up a beautiful green color moving very quickly from one area to another. The temperature has to be around 7C or lower to be seen and no clouds and the best time is anytime from September to March or really whenever the nights are cold. They lasted for approximately 45 minutes then just disappeared. We saw them only one more time our last day 5 days later. If anyone is planning on going there, it’s a very expensive island so take lots of money, lol. However, it’s very beautiful and I really enjoyed the blue lagoon around $100 USD each. It is water mixed from the ocean and hot mineral spring water and it’s all outside, so make sure to buy tickets approximately 1 week before going because the slots get filled very quickly! I found out the hard way as I paid $100 dollars for just 3 hours because that’s all that was available.


For now, I have to study my Italian as I’m currently in Lucca, Tuscany going to Italian school but i will continue with my stories another day!


Bona Sera to all….Ciao…and happy travels to all those that are not afraid to explore the unknown and are willing to live life to its fullest….


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