Barbados and the Caribbean islands are prime destinations with long standing reputation for luxury, privacy and total relaxation; let’s not forget the various tourist attractions such as enchanting caves, tropical walks and pristine white sands beaches. For sports enthusiasts, there are several golf courses designed by premier players, surfing as well as sport fishing and Polo. You cannot go to the Caribbean without sampling it’s nightlife. But what sets Barbados and the rest of the Carribean islands apart from other vacation destinations are the luxury accommodations and villas.

If you want to have an extraordinary respite from the hustle and bustle of life; or treat your loved ones to a memorable vacation that bespeaks of luxury, Barbados is one of the best choices. Ocean Pearl Vacations which is a subsidiary of Ocean Drive Management Group Inc. Barbados, is a service company with extensive experience in providing its guests with luxury accommodations and villas fully staffed, providing the basics to luxury services.

Luxury Accommodations Caribbean Style

What makes Barbados one of the best vacation destinations in the Caribbean is accessibility. It is within reach of all major airports and can accommodate all major airlines. Barbados, in particular, is home to magnificent luxury rental villas, traditional and plantation-style homes. In-house services in luxury accommodations include all main services that put it as a prime destination – Luxury that will make the guests want for nothing else.

Packages offer beyond hotel services and private accommodations that include impeccable residences with world-class amenities and cuisine – with private cooks or chef service, car rentals – with or without chauffeur service.

  • Private residences with first class amenities are first on the list. You have a choice of gated homes, beachfront villas plantation houses, and condominiums. All of them have the best and most modern amenities that you’d experience in a Five Star hotel.
  • Culinary delights and drinks from local private cooks and chefs are part of the packages. Drinks are part of the services, from soft-drinks to alcoholic beverages and cocktail mixes. Indulge in world-class cuisines with Caribbean fusion or traditional Caribbean cooking that will delight your palate.
  • Luxury accomodations and villa packages also include private transportation. For you to go about playing a round of golf, looking at breathtaking views, walks to the tropical gardens or enchanting caves. And if you haven’t had enough fun in the sun, there are various beaches to explore and surfs to ride. All within a short drive from your home away from home.

Add-ons, varied options and requests are easily settled and managed by teams of service-oriented staff with extensive experience and training in opulent hospitality. All with the objective of giving the best service that no other destination or luxury accommodations can offer.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway for two, a memorable family vacation or business mixed with leisure activities, Barbados luxury accommodations and villas fit the kind of experience you want.

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