Whether you’re looking for a weekend away with the boys, or showing new clients just how much you value them, Ocean Drive Management Group Inc. Barbados will treat you to only the finest, most famous, and luxurious golfing holiday of your dreams.

Personal Vacations

There’s no better way to relax than by soaking up the sun, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and challenging yourself and friends to a few rounds of golf. We choose courses that highlight all these aspects so you can enjoy our world-class golf courses, often frequented by celebrities, while taking some time off from business.

Executive Vacations

If you’re looking to woo some new business clients, take them on a golf vacation to one of our villas. Set a new high score out on the range and consider the deal to be as good as done. We’ve chosen the best golf courses in the Caribbean to make sure your clients have no way of rejecting your offer.

Ocean Drive Management Group Inc. Barbados has chosen the most visually stunning and enjoyable yet challenging, courses in the Caribbean, including the Apes Hill Club course, Sandy Lane Golf Resort, and Royal Westmoreland’s famous course.

Apes Hill Club

Recently rated one of the best in the world, the Apes Hill Club is one of only 913 courses in the world to have gained certification from the prestigious Audubon Society. The course itself is designed to allow you to enjoy your game while taking in some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Picture green slopes, pristine white sand bunkers, swaying palm trees, and the smell of fresh ocean air and that vision won’t come close to the reality of this course.

Golfers of all levels will feel welcomed, with five sets of tees, ranging from 5090 yardage to 7150.

Sandy Lane Golf Resort

Golf with celebrities the likes of Tiger Woods at Sandy Lane Golf Resort. A common celebrity golf destination, the resort even hosted Tiger Woods for his wedding in 2004. Sandy Lane is home to three golf courses, The Country Club, The Old Nine, and The Green Monkey.

The Country Club was chosen to host the 2006 World Golf Championships Barbados World Cup and boasts immaculate fairways with stunning views of the Carribbean Sea.

The tree-lined fairways of The Old Nine make for a challenge, due to the tightness of the fairways and small greens.

Partially carved out of an old stone quarry, The Green Monkey is one of the world’s most unique golf courses. The limestone cliff walls offset the vibrant greens, creating a once-in-a-lifetime golfing view.

Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland’s 7,045 yard course is an adventurous golfer’s dream. Along with being an ideal par for those who love a challenge, the course is surrounded by a tropical landscape, local wildlife, and dazzling views of the Carribbean sea.

From the range to the practice greens, the clubhouse to private golf lessons, Royal Westmoreland has everything you need to make the most out of your golf holiday.

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